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Know the Importance of Excavating Contractors

Excavation process is necessary and vital when constructing a building for its strong foundation. This work is done by an excavation contractor who is the specialist in this field. The job of this specialist is to make sure that the earth is solid enough to support the weight of the building, plus the contractor moves soil, dirt, rocks and other materials to have a correct elevation for the building.

There are other several jobs that an excavating contractor would do aside from haul dirt around and operate big items of heavy machineries. An excavating contractor may have their own company or may work for another construction company where the specialist can be a supervisor and have a crew to work under the contractor. Among the many tasks that this specialist will do and supervise that are soil related are grading, site preparation, trenching and many more.

In order for the construction crew to have an idea on where to excavate, the first thing that they do is to conduct a site preparation where they go to the site and outline the lot and house boundaries. To prepare the new foundation, the excavation contractor or one of the crew members will remove the soil to the required depth. A compaction testing is performed by the contractor to make sure that the soil is firm enough. When deemed necessary, a compaction equipment is also used to test it and get the precise requirements, and from here, there will be a matching of the grade posted by the survey team. A foundation contractor then will come in to conduct the pouring of stem wall and footers. The excavation contractor again comes in to the picture to backfill around the new foundation once the stem wall and footers are dry.

The excavating contractor will come into the picture again to remove the dirt if necessary. Part of the jobs in this stage are digging ponds, building roads, digging sewers, excavating ditches for water or gas lines, grading roads and operating the trencher. These jobs can be done with the use of equipment which the contractor has or has rented. The equipment used in excavation jobs are expensive, not to mention the high cost of the insurance. Small to medium sized operation for excavating contractors will then have to lease or own some basic equipment like bulldozers, front end loaders, backhoes, trenchers, skid steers and compactors. To haul the excess dirt away, most of these contractors will also own one or two large dump trucks.

In the submission of estimates and bids, it is advisable to be able to submit competitive rates to be able for excavating contractor to get new projects.

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